I have never lived in Paris,  New York or Tokyo and my experience only comes from London. I hope – for the sake of readers from those cities and everyone else – that this only applies to London…but it seems to me London is home to the loudest kind of neighbours.

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Why you don’t need to love yourself (instantly)

I appreciate how many books, songs, podcasts and blogs about self-love and acceptance exist. learning how to love yourself is one of the most important things to do in life and everyone should take their time to do so before they try to love others.

You should always supply positive energy to both your mind and body. It changes you and changes people around you. But, I believe that people often forget that there is more to this than love. For me, an important part of acceptance is born from negativity, from something that I don’t actually like about myself but I am willing to accept it and make it work for me.

Fabian Møller

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Save ’em for a rainy day

London is famous for its rain and gloomy weather. Coming from continental Europe, it took me some time to get used to how quickly but quietly the seasons change at this island. You can experience spring, summer, autumn and winter in one day in London but you can also forget summer is a season at all.

Fortunately, this summer, even England experienced very warm temperatures and not only for one day. While most people complained about the heatwave, I enjoyed the hot days. It was easy to plan my days and evenings when it was warm – all the London parks became very inviting and rooftops were places to be.

However, with the temperatures taking (hopefully) a temporary dip this week, there is now space to plan some indoor activities. If you are bored of the same old Netflix and chill, take a look at my recommendations below. Those are some activities and destinations I explore on rainy days, no matter the season.


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How to cope with overwhelming changes in your life

This year was from the very beginning full of changes in my personal and professional life. A lot of the anticipated changes are coming to effect very soon and being the anxious package I am, this makes me stressed. I have moved in with my boyfriend, my best friend is leaving London for good and I have just got a new job which starts in August. I have also just turned 25. Find out what helped me to cope with the new order of things and saved me from spending all my money on the drinks therapy.

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The power of Taylor Swift

I am always on a budget in London, but this summer I decided to treat myself and my flatmate to an experience. For E’s birthday, I bought us two tickets to Taylor Swift’s concert at Wembley, London. Shout out to all the Swifties out there!

The gig was great, magnificent and definitely the show of the year. But I have never listened to Taylor for her musical skills. She is a good singer, but I admire her for other things and I can say that her albums have closely narrated my life for the last ten years. Read below how my favourite singer’s music and career improved my life and relationships and let her inspire you too.


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Application process agony

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A little background info: I came to London to study master’s degree in Media and Communications. Due to a lack of experience, I was unsuccessfully looking for a relevant job for almost a year. Then I found a job as a PR and Communications Assistant but I left the job after eight months due to various unpleasant circumstances. Now I work in hospitality (read: a pub) and I am looking for a dream job once again.

For anyone out there trying to find their first job, change career or moving up the ladder in a different company, I compiled useful tips on what helps me in my own job search. Rather than tips on how to get a job – although some of those might help – this is advice on how to stay sane during the painful process of job applications/interviews/rejections.

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Renting in London PART 1: Renting a room and meeting weirdos.


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I currently live with my friend E in a two bedroom flat in Pimlico. Me and E met at university and decided to live together. We set a budget and found a flat in a suitable location. But then my boyfriend happened and our opposite schedules made us think of moving in together. So now we are apartment hunting again – ugh!

If you have never lived in London or any overpopulated city, or if you have never had to rent a place to live, you will not understand why I dread this so much. I am certain that learning how to pilot a plane is easier than finding an affordable place to live in London. That is unless you are a millionaire.

If you are new to London there are genuinely two options you have – shared house or property rent. I learnt the hard way – living in a dodgy neighbourhood with my money being taken by a scammer. I would like everyone else to be spared from that experience. Check my notes on renting in London below which can make the process easier for you.

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